Salmon- Faroe Island 12 or 16oz Filet

Faroese Salmon

Served in 12 or 16 oz Vacuum Sealed Portions

Renowned Around the World

Salmon from the Faroe Islands is renowned for its superior quality and taste.

The geographical position of the Faroe Islands is ideal for farming Atlantic salmon. The remote location of the Faroe Islands is complemented by pristine clear waters, cool steady sea temperatures, strong currents and accessible fjords.

The surroundings in the Faroe Islands are the natural feeding ground of wild Atlantic Salmon. Wild salmon leave the rivers of Europe and travel to the feeding grounds around the islands. Here these wild salmon grow and thrive before heading back to the rivers of Europe to spawn.

Atlantic Salmon has adapted to this environment for thousands of years and therefore the Faroese can proudly say that salmon is farmed in its naturally desired surroundings in the Faroe Islands.



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Salmon- Faroe Island 12 or 16oz Filet

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